Q1. How do I get to know the rates of facility?
A1. Please go to 'Our Facilities' Menu, select the facility that you wish to book. On the facility location details page, click on the 'Accommodation' tab then you might need to click on the name of facility to view the charges / rates of the facility.
Q2. Can my personal details be saved and populate automatically each time I make a booking?
A2. You have to register as member and update your profile in the system. Then, whenever you make booking by login to the system, your personal details will be retrieved and populated to the booking form.
Q3. Where can I check my booking status?
A3. There is 2 ways to check your booking status:
a. You have to login to the system and select 'Manage My Booking'. This will show you a list of your bookings with status stated.
b. You can enter your booking reference number or identity card/passport number at the home page 'Search Booking' section to retrieve your booking information.
Q4. How do I modify my booking?
A4. You will need to login to the system and select 'Manage My Booking'. This will show you list of all your current bookings and provide the option to cancel if no payment is made to the booking. But if you want to make changes to the booking record such as change the booking date, please contact our booking office.
Q1. How can I pay for my booking?
A1. You can use our online payment service to make payment. On main page 'Search Booking' section, enter your booking reference number or identity card/passport number to search your booking record. Then, click on the booking reference link to view the detail and there is Make Payment button at the bottom of the page. Besides, you can visit to our booking office to make payment at the counter using cash or cheque.
Q2. When do I need to pay for my booking?
A2. You will need to pay before using any facilities. The system will alert you of the payment due date in booking confirmation page after you make the booking and email or sms will be sent to you as well.
Q3. How to pay using iPad's Safari?
A3. Please refer to the Steps to make online payment using iPad.
Q1. What should I do if I cannot login to my account?
A1. Please key in your eBooking ID and password correctly again. You have maximum of 3 attempts to enter your password. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, your access will be suspended. You can reactivate your access by reset your password through 'Forgot Password' Menu.
Q2. What should I do if I forgot my password?
A2. If you forgot your password, please click on the 'Forgot Password' Menu and key in your email address. The password reset link will be sent to your registered email. Click on the link and enter your new password. Your password will be reset. You can key in your mobile phone number as well to receive one-time password. Use the password received to login to the system. And you are required to change your password immediately.